We want to make sure that we track satisfaction with the CHIP program so that we can continually improve it. Please complete this short survey to let us know about your experience.
Overall, how satisfied were you with the CHIP program? *

It was easy to use the technology (webinar, conference call, videos) involved in the program. *

Please let us know about your life after completing CHIP in the next few questions.

I will make CHIP principles a permanent part of my lifestyle *

Select how many of your biometric measurements (i.e. blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, body weight) improved from where they were before CHIP.

What percentage of your diet followed CHIP principles BEFORE the program. *

What percentage of your diet follows CHIP principles now? *

Now we are going to focus on the non-diet related parts of CHIP.

How many days on a normal week are you physically active now?

Rate the value of the lifestyle principals you learned by participating in CHIP *

How likely are you to make some of the CHIP principles part of your lifestyle in the future?

Do you feel your outlook on life has improved since you started CHIP?

Would you consider partnering up with another person or two from your program to continue providing support to each other?

This is called CHIPmates. CHIPmates work through obstacles, share successes, share recipes and/or encourage each other to continue exercising. If you would like to be involved, please talk to your classmates and facilitator.
Besides improving what we eat and how we move, in CHIP we also learned it is important to change how we think. Below, I am going to list 5 of the topics. Please give me your opinion on each topic.

Become what you believe: the power of positive thinking about yourself can improve your physical health.

Practicing Forgiveness: We have to "forgive to live" and to be healthy

Our DNA is not our Destiny: Genes load the gun but lifestyle pulls the trigger.

Re-engineering your environment: Changes we make to our environment that can be positive for our health.

Stress Relieving Strategies: "Distress" can harm our health, but it can be managed.

What was the most meaningful part of this experience for you?

By offering CHIP to me as a wellness benefit, I feel like my employer cares about my well-being *

I think my employer should continue offering CHIP as a wellness benefit.

How likely would you be to recommend CHIP to others? *

Is there anything else you would like to add about your experience with the CHIP program?

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