Mid-CHIP Evaluation Survey
You are more than 4 weeks into your lifestyle transformation with the Complete Health Improvement Program. Please take a minute to check in with us about how you think the program is going so we can make the second half of the program even better!

Enrolling in CHIP was a great decision for me. I am learning a lot!

The videos have been engaging, informative and eye-opening for me.

My facilitator engages and encourages me to apply what I'm learning and take charge of my health.

I would encourage others with health challenges to enroll in CHIP.   

I have noticed improvements since I started CHIP.

Please list below one or two things you have learned or begun to apply to your daily living:

Participating in CHIP with my colleagues is fun and could have a positive impact on our company culture that could make it easier for me to maintain healthy choices.   

My CHIP Class meets

If you answered Too Often or Not Often Enough, how often would you like to meet? If you answered Just the right amount, please answer N/A.

Do you want more small group time?

What part(s) of class do you find most helpful?

Would you rather watch the videos at home/on your own time to allow for more discussion time in class?

For any areas of the sessions that you are not pleased with, kindly describe the challenge or provide constructive feedback that would help our program.

At this point in the class, do you think you will continue to follow a plant based diet and incorporate CHIP principles into your life after the class has ended?

Can you provide any details about why?

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